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License to Carry Classes

We are proud to offer License to Carry classes and firearms training classes at our location. We are DPS certified instructors with extensive experience in both firearms and instruction. Jeff operated a high-volume shooting range for 15 years and prided himself on welcoming anyone and everyone willing to set aside their ego to learn to be a responsible and capable gun owner. Jackie was a police officer and TCOLE Firearms Instructor and also taught Ladies Only LTC classes. 

Why do you need your License to Carry?

The short answer is, you don't NEED it, but you will WANT to have it. Constitutional Carry provides us the right to carry freely without the DPS License to Carry.  However, there are still advantages to getting your license. First and foremost, it is your background check when purchasing a firearm. Secondly, there are still many unknowns when it comes to relying on Constitutional Carry as the statute is very vague. Do you want to be the test case for the state to go before the Supreme Court to clear up any uncertainties? Lastly, DPS has been advising instructors that those relying on Constitutional Carry will be dealt with more harshly within the legal system if involved in a use of force situation.  I can guarantee that if you come to this class, you will walk away with a greater understanding of your rights, your limitations, and your responsibilities when it comes to not only carrying, but also when it comes to encountering any situation regarding your safety or the safety of others.

Sign up today for your small group, personalized LTC experience today! 

Firearms Training

  • Starts Jun 29

    25 US dollars

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  • Starts Jun 29

    50 US dollars

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