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Mounts: January 2023
*Most of the December '22 shoulder mounts are mounted and drying before finish work can be completed, with a few exceptions. I am working like crazy to get caught up after having a baby this hunting season! Once I get through December and January orders, I should be able to get back to a year or less on turnaround time!

 Thank you for your understanding and patience! 

Hides: October 2023
Euros: May 2023 
***(I will be catching up in this area shortly as well!) 

Hill Country Hides is proud to offer a wide array of taxidermy and tanning services, all of which are done on-site. We pride ourselves on our customer service and want to help you memorialize your prize, whether that be with a european mount, shoulder mount, or tanned soft hide. We also have the unique ability to engrave your trophy picture on the back of the hide or turn it into that pillow your spouse has been hounding you about!

Lifesize Mountain Lion
Wildesbeest Wall Art
Axis Pedestal
Blind Eye Axis Mount
Fox Rug
Aoudad Shoulder Mount'
Blackbuck with Habitat
Full Body Bobcat on Habitat
Aoudad Shoulder Mount
Axis Shoulder in Velver
Buffalo Shoulder Mount
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