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Hometown 3 Pack PMAGS

Hometown 3 Pack PMAGS


Kicked back in my 'dome seats, "Still Tippin" "bangin" in the AirPods, 300 miles from home, these custom PMags were designed for those of us with beautiful memories of our hometown Houston before Democrats took over and turned it into a murderous dumpster fire. Stay strapped and get to clappin' with 90 rounds of H-Town pride on tap with these full wrap, Houston-centric mags. Why 90 rounds? In Houston, more bullets is more gooder!


But wait, there's more! Not from Houston? Not a problem! We will be developing this Hometown 3 Pack for all the major cities of Texas or the city of your request!


Made to order. $30 per PMAG


Platform: AR15, MR4, M16

Caliber: 5.56 x 45

Capacity: 30

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